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My Philosophy is that mathematics provides a critical foundation for other learning. Students can grasp advanced concepts easily, given the right tools. Creative approaches to Mathematics that work well for gifted students can help students of all levels and backgrounds succeed in Mathematics. Each student is special and unique, and deserves a tailored approach.

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My name is Oluyinka. I am a graduate of Education from Lagos State University.

In my four years experience teaching Mathematics, i find that tutoring, to be successful, there must be an enjoyable experience both for the students and the teacher.

It is of course a partnership, but the tutor has a duty to awaken or sustain the interest of a student in their studies.

I also have frequently found that, often,it is a very small adjustment that needs to be made to alter a student's understanding and confidence.

I feel that the needs of every student are unique and that one-on-one tutoring offers the ideal environment to adapt to my students' learning styles.

Personally, i love the process of forming questions that are tailored to specific students, in order to give them a deeper insight into a topic.

In my view, this is an art, especially with students who are already on A or A* grades, as it can be quite challenging for a tutor to come up with questions that are pitched correctly: Pitch the level too low and the student is bored and doesn't learn anything new. Pitch too high, and the student won't be able to fully engage with the material, meaning the tutor will have to do most of the work for the student, and so it is of little value to them. But pitch the question just right and the student learns something new and, crucially, learns by going through their own thought process, meaning that they are much more likely to be able to recall the key ideas later.

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  • B.Tech Education

    Jan 2011 - Dec 2011

    Lagos State University


  • Mathematics Tutor

    Mar 2016 - Present

    Prepclass Ng Ltd

    I believe that best results are achieved when my students are given the freedom to formulate their own opinions, before having these sensitively challenged. Asking testing questions is central to my approach in every lesson, and i aim to equip my students with an intellectual confidence that will serve them well in tricky examinations and beyond. This approach also demands flexibility on behalf of the tutor and, as a result, i always make sure to tailor lessons and schemes of work according to the exact requirements of each of my students.