Grace O.

Home tutor in Agege, Lagos

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Prepclass Tutor Since: July 2015

My name is Grace, I am a graduate of Microbiology from Caleb University.

For over two (2) years i have been teaching students in primary school Mathematics, English Language and Science.

My teaching experience has taught me excellent communication and listening skills which helps me understand each of my students and to know the approach that works for each of them.

My aim is always to create a supportive, friendly and exciting environment for learning to thrive. I respond dynamically to the needs of each student I teach, shaping my teaching style so that it best serves their personality and interests.

My teaching method also involves using our daily life activities to explain various topics in a subject. For example the addition of water to garri, removing the water with the debris on the surface is an everyday activity practiced by people. This simple activity describes decantation as a separation method in Science.

  • Fashion Design Student
    Jan 2018 - Jun 2018

    Betti O School of Fashion

    I am learning the technique of garment technicians.

  • Experienced Tutor in Science, English Language and Mathematics.
    Jul 2015 - Present

    Primary School Tutor Prepclass Ng Limited

    I always prepare a personal study time-table for my students which they can fit around their daily schedule with the help/oversight of their parents/guardian. Which helps them take more ownership of their learning.

  • B.Sc Biological Sciences
    Oct 2008 - Feb 2014

    Caleb University