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I am very enthusiastic about teaching Mathematics, and i take an approach that is both structured and flexible.

I have a passion for building confidence in my students, and believe that this sense of confidence is integral for the development of individuals' independent learning skills.

I consider that making seemingly tedious topics relatable and relevant, within the context of every day life, is the key to sparking children's attentiveness. Although my overall approach varies from student to student, i believe that igniting this excitement is of paramount importance in all lessons.

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My name is Oladipupo. I am a graduate of Biological Science from Osun State University.

I have over five years experience teaching Mathematics. The most important tool is confidence. Mathematics can be a hugely daunting subject to tackle, not least because reading a Mathematics question that you don’t understand can be like trying to read a foreign language that you can’t speak.

However by teaching my students to break problems down into smaller chunks we can turn a daunting mountain of a question into a series of manageable mole hills.

As an aside, i am also a great advocate of allowing students to quantitatively track their own progress through results in mini-tests and exercises. I find that if a student can clearly see the progress that they have made so far, then the hurdles that they have yet to jump seem just that little bit more manageable.

Helping my students to track their own progress is especially helpful during revision time, when a sense of progress can really help combat those familiar revision blues.

My personal tutoring philosophy hinges on active learning. To this end, i aim to guide my students in reaching solutions themselves rather than spoon-feeding them answers and ideas.

In my experience, this results in more profound understanding and far greater long-term learning and is well worth the initial extra effort in order to establish a solid fundamental grasp of the topic at hand.

This also allows for specific areas of difficulty to come to light so that they can be targeted directly in highly-tailored tutoring sessions which take my student’s individual learning style and goals into account.

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  • B.Sc Biological Sciences

    Sep 2009 - Present

    Osun State University


  • Mathematics and Basic Science Tutor

    Dec 2015 - Present

    Prepclass Ng Ltd

    In my lessons, i aim to build an engaging, positive and creative atmosphere in which my students can flourish. For me, the importance of teaching is to allow students to access all areas of learning in a way that they enjoy, enabling them to gain a love for learning that will hopefully continue throughout their education. I believe that teaching is about the individual and discovering how each student learns and what helps them.