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My approach is driven by the student. I believe that with a base understanding of core concepts and the self-confidence to employ them, every student is capable of academic success.

I work collaboratively with parents and pupils to produce a programme of study which is tailored to the needs of the individual student, set goals and structure the tuition.

I am passionate and enthusiastic about learning and teaching and bring this positive outlook to every lesson. I make my lessons fun and engaging, introducing core theoretical concepts and working with students to apply these to problems. I encourage my students to ask questions, try things out and think out loud.

I set homework which is then discussed the following week.

I am patient, emphatic and have a good intuitive understanding of how and why students may not understand something. This enables me to communicate complex, abstract ideas in a simple, accessible way that ‘clicks’ with the student.

I take pride in my ability to form excellent working relationships with all those that I teach and tutor.

I am able to quickly identify a student’s current level, learning style and potential barriers to success. I then design a personalized programme accordingly.

My main focus is to promote deep understanding though I am a firm believer in developing fluency by providing opportunities for lots of question practice.

I have a strong interest in educational technologies and incorporate their use where appropriate to achieve maximum progress.

I strongly believe in knowing it yourself and the ability of being confident to use an already known solution to tackle a new problem and this is what I want to foster into a child.

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  • BA Education

    Jul 2011 - Present

    Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti

  • B.Ed Curriculum and Teaching

    Feb 2007 - Present

    Adayemi college of education


  • English Teacher

    Jan 2010 - Present

    Enis College

    I am currently the English Language teacher for JSS 3 and SS3. I have prepared several sets for their Junior and Senior WAEC, NECO and JAMB examinations. I make use of past questions to train the students on what to expect in their examinations. I am also the Vice Principal Academics. I am in charge of coordinating all academic activities that goes on within the school. I am in charge of marking the lesson notes of the academic staff to ensure they are in accordance with the approved curriculum and standards of the school, WAEC and JAmb.

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