Olukosi B.

Senior Secondary School Literature in English Tutor

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Creative Literature Tutor

When teaching Literature, I listen carefully to students - I encourage them to do a lot of the talking - and I am good at gauging how they learn and absorb new information. I tailor my sessions to fit them and their learning styles, as this is the surest way that they will learn and make progress. For example, where some students will be very verbal, others will think more visually, and want to map things on the page. My unofficial motto: whatever works for the individual. I always keep any texts being studied close at hand, so that all discussions and exercises relate directly to them and the student is always relating general learning to their specific set texts, thereby gaining an intimate knowledge of them.


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My name is Olukosi, I am a graduate of History and International Studies from the University of Calabar. I have two years of teaching experience teaching students History, Literature and Government.

I am a highly effective teacher, who comes down to the level of the students in order to get the best out of them. I can use every technique and method within the students' environment or imagination to get the best of out them. I believe every student has a peculiar way of learning, therefore I exploit individual strength in order to bring out the best in the student. I stretch students' mental comfort zone in order to bring out the best in them.

I aim to quickly build a supportive and reassuring relationship between teacher and student. I use a variety of teaching methods to reflect various learning styles. I like to set challenging, thought-provoking tasks and always aim to make the student as confident as possible in their studies. I always ensure they have an explicit and thorough understanding of how their work will be assessed in examinations.

I strongly believe that learning should be enjoyable. People learn more effectively when they take a take a genuine interest in the work. It is the job of the teacher to spark this enthusiasm in their students’ by finding an area of the course that attracts the student and then build on this interest. Primarily, lessons should be engaging and fun.

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  • BA History and International Studies

    Feb 2010 - Apr 2014

    University of Calabar


  • History, Literature and Government Tutor

    Mar 2016 - Present

    Tutor Prepclass ng Ltd

    I am very enthusiastic about teaching and take an approach that is both structured and flexible. I have a passion for building confidence in my tutees, and believe that this sense of confidence is integral for the development of individuals' independent learning skills. I consider that making seemingly tedious topics relatable and relevant, within the context of every day life, is the key to sparking children's attentiveness. Although my overall approach varies from student to student, I believe that igniting this excitement is of paramount importance in all lessons.