Oluwabukola M.

English Language Tutor

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I believe that every student is different and they all require a nuanced approach to enable them to make the most progress possible so as a tutor, I always make sure I take this into cognizance.


I have professionally handled different clients in the primary level of Education in Numeracy, Literacy and other readable subjects. I have received gifts and awards from parents’ for distinctive work done. I handle both the Cambridge and the British Curriculum.

Apart from the primary level of education, I have successfully taught children with high level of in-depth understanding in the various subjects such as; Economics, Business Studies, Social Studies and other related subjects in both the Junior and the Senior Secondary level of Education.

It is vital that pupils gain a comprehensive understanding of how to decipher exams and the way they are marked and it is equally important for the student feel confident, calm and capable when under exam conditions.

As an educator I am hugely enthusiastic about all my subjects and believe it is vital to create a supportive, enjoyable and productive learning environment for students.

Hence I try to be supportive and constructive when teaching, offering my students well prepared and structured sessions that are engaging, fun and productive. I work meticulously to ensure that the required skills are taught in an effective and memorable way, which will, in turn, make the student better at the subject that is being taught.

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  • M.Sc Education & Economics

    Jan 2015 - Jun 2017

    University of Lagos

  • B.Ed Education & Economics

    Sep 2010 - Oct 2014

    University of Lagos


  • Class Teacher

    Sep 2016 - Present

    Heritage House School

     Teaches, listens, reads, writes and speaking skills in an immersion setting.  Includes lessons on geopolitical economic and social issues.  Teaches pupils’ vocabulary and phrases to help them live and work abroad effectively or to perform other language-related duties.  Promotes numeracy development skills through solving and mental arithmetic.  Supplied one-on-one attention to each pupil while maintaining overall focus on the entire group.  Supports pupils’ in developing strategies for individual needs and classroom group dynamics.  Writes daily and weekly lesson plans.  Conducts skills evaluations and made recommendations to each student.  Actively instructs pupils’, create, assigns and correct homework.  Manages huge number of pupils’ in the classroom  Communicate with parents, and help pupils’ prepare for standardized testing.  Bestowing pupils’ with arithmetic and problem-solving.  Conducts the assessment and recording of pupils' progress.  Facilitates Workshop and Seminars such as: Monitoring Pupils’ Performance.