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I incorporate the different aspects of English language into my teaching process to ensure my student is thoroughly grounded in the subject. These aspects include: Grammar, Creative Writing, Comprehension, Reading, etc.

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My approach to tutoring is warm and encouraging. Indeed, I believe that building a genuine relationship with a student is of great importance and that the greatest progress is made by establishing open, honest and authentic dialogues.

Connected to this, I believe that all questions should be cheered.

Beyond this, I also believe in illuminating the goals students will be expected to in their various examinations.

I have found this helps students understand exactly what is required of them and, consequently, to go after it more effectively and confidently- it is, after all, much easier to hit a target when you can see it!

My personal tutoring philosophy hinges on active learning. To this end, I aim to guide students in reaching solutions themselves rather than spoon-feeding them answers and ideas. In my experience, this results in more profound understanding and far greater long-term learning and is well worth the initial extra effort in order to establish a solid fundamental grasp of the topic at hand.

This also allows for specific areas of difficulty to come to light so that they can be targeted directly in highly-tailored tutoring sessions which take the student’s individual learning style and goals into account. No two students are the same, and personalizing my tutoring approach accordingly proves to be far more successful and rewarding.

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  • B.Sc Microbiology

    Sep 2007 - Jul 2011

    Crawford University


  • Subject Teacher (Basic Science, Agricultural Science and Biology)

    Jun 2017 - Present

    Avital College

    I teach Basic Science to students in JSS1-3, Agricultural Science and Biology to students in SS1-3. I create a thoroughly detailed lesson plan each week. I ensure this lesson plan is created in accordance with the school's approved curriculum which is a blend of both the British and Nigerian educational curriculum. I issue out impromptu tests and assignments after a new topic has been taught. This is to ascertain how much the students were able to grasp. I am currently preparing the JSS3 students for their (Basic Science) Junior WAEC. I make use of past question papers in my teaching process as well. This is to ensure they are thoroughly prepared for any external examinations. I am also preparing the SS3 class for their Biology and Agricultural Science WAEC, NECO, IGCSE and JAMB examinations. I give them mock examinations, I ensure the questions are usually set to the WAEC/IGCSE standard.

  • Subject Teacher

    Mar 2013 - Jun 2017

    ABS College

    I taught Biology and Agricultural Science to students in SS1-3 and Basic Science to students in JSS1-3. I taught using a lesson plan which usually is usually highly descriptive of the topic to be taught. I prepared the SS3 class for their WAEC, JAMB and NECO examinations. I also prepared them for the practical aspect of the examination. I made use of past questions in my revision classes with the students and also all tests and examination questions issued to them were done in accordance to the WAEC standard.

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  • Mrs Naomi

    Sep 2016

    Mr Abioye is an excellent teacher. I saw his impact in the performance of my child.