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Creative English Language Tutor

When teaching English Language, I keep the class interactive and increase engagement by using various activities and visual aids. I keep my lessons focused but relaxed and lively, encouraging students to enjoy learning and think creatively, whilst also insisting on accuracy and high standards. The students i have tutored have commended my gentle and supportive, yet challenging teaching style.

My approach to teaching English language concentrates on the importance of both structure and creativity. First, I help students to improve their writing skills if necessary, using exercises to increase the accuracy and fluency of their sentence structure. Then i stretch my students to think critically and creatively about texts, characters, themes and language. I also help my students find ways that suit them.


My name is Daniel. I am an English Language graduate from Obafemi Awolowo University.

With my over five (5) years experience in training and coaching upper primary students, I find more interest in learning and development, career and life coaching, alongside mentoring of young ones to making life long positive decisions .

I have successfully prepared my students for Common Entrance and Checkpoint Examinations, and I am proud to say that they all passed with flying colours.

I am a content writer, and also help in the improvement of English language skills of my students relating to Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

I am a writer of poems, short stories and short dramas, thereby finding pleasure in training my students on the emotional and creative skills of poetry formation and the chronological management of short stories.

I am the founder and team head of The Light Discipleship and Mentoring (TLDM). TLDM is an NGO focused on building young minds to tackle idleness, insolence and talent wastage among them through, coaching, mentoring and training style.

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  • B.ENG English and Literary Studies

    Oct 2009 - Nov 2013

    Obafemi Awolowo University


  • Dedicated English Tutor

    Sep 2014 - Present

    English Tutor Prepclass ng ltd

    The first thing I do before I go for classes is to first set out a lesson plan for the day. Knowing the needs and talent of my student, I use a range of teaching approaches and methods which will not only make my lessons more dynamic, but it will also facilitate the learning process as this way I am more likely to appeal to individual students’ preferences. Then I give a fair assessment and evaluate the student by analysing my lessons and finding out how the student responded to certain activities, resources or methods i have used. This helps in identifying the most effective tools that are worth using and those that may need modification.