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My teaching style is a mixture of a) discussions that link physical concepts to day-to-day experiences, b) explicit, visual, step-by-step examples of solving math problems, c) returning to the same physical concepts in different contexts to deepen the understanding of the student.

My guaranties to the student are: 1) I will prepare individualized lessons before the meeting; 2) I will always answer specific questions first before proceeding to the lesson plan; 3) I will match my teaching style to the students' learning style while suggesting ways to improve study habits.



My name is Bukola, I am a second class upper division graduate of Biochemistry from Adekunle Ajasin University. I have received a couple of awards as a teacher including most resourceful, punctual and outstanding teacher of the year. I have had trainings in Montessori and conventional teaching techniques and its applications.

I had over eight (8) years of teaching experience teaching students in primary schools Mathematics, English Language and Sciences. I am also conversant with the British and Nigerian Curriculum. My students have had a 100% success rate in school entry examinations

I believe that all students need individual focus on their strengths and weaknesses, I try to tailor my approach therefore, on the students' needs, and not on a preconceived plan. One of my main goals though, is to encourage and teach my students the independence to attempt to solve any problems or questions they may have themselves, and prepare them for the world ahead. I do this through ensuring that core concepts are properly understood.

For me, the greatest reward tutoring can offer is watching a student grow not only in knowledge but also self-confidence. I believe effective tutoring is about delivering complex concepts in simple terms with patience, enthusiasm and encouragement.

Developing strong relationships with students means that parallels can be drawn between what is being studied, and the students' own life experiences, which makes for a deeper level of understanding and, ultimately, better learning. Surely, teaching skills and initiatives that students can then forever rely upon, such as word association and memorisation through recalling related experiences, is the best legacy any teacher can have.

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  • B.Sc Biochemistry

    Oct 2003 - Nov 2007

    Adekunle Ajasin University


  • Teacher

    Feb 2010 - Jul 2013

    Lord's Shepherd nursery and primary School


  • Effective Mathematics, English Language and Science Tutor

    Mar 2018 - Present

    Effective Tutor Prepclass ng Ltd

    I have a flexible approach to teaching and I Take into consideration the needs of individual students, working with their abilities. I am imaginative as a communicator, finding dynamic ways to convey ideas. I encourage pupils to engage with me and I frequently check their understanding. I am especially skilled at teaching children some of the subtler skills of interpretation and implication. I am particularly good at helping students to understand emotion and tone. These can be very difficult for young people to grasp and they are essential for opinion-based questions, which are often the hardest ones on a paper. I encourage pupils to think about topics for themselves and develop their own opinions.