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When teaching mathematics, I work with my students to put the subject into new contexts to make it really click for them. I especially enjoy working with students who feel less confident in their abilities in mathematics because one-to-one maths tutoring allows me to get to the crux of their issues and find effective ways to explain the difficult concepts. Throughout my education, stepping away from traditional learning techniques helped me use my time more effectively. I believe that varying methods makes ideas stick. I like to use quizzes, videos and other resources to keep lessons varied and engaging. 


My name is Onome, I am a graduate of Computer Science and Mathematics from Adamawa State University.

For the past three (3) years, I have taught Primary and Secondary School Students Mathematics, ICT and Programming.

Knowing how most students find these subjects difficult, I keep the students stimulated and engaged, by switching between more grueling exercises and more relaxed tasks, which stretches them beyond the syllabus.

My approach to teaching these subjects starts with the individual needs of the student. Every student is different and they all require detailed approach to enable them to make the most progress possible. The essential aspect of my tutoring is to build and maintain confidence in every area of learning, as I believe that there is nothing that the students cannot do at school level if they believe that they can.

My tutoring sessions are interactive requiring participation from both sides. I encourage students to ask questions. Instead of providing direct answers, I prefer to direct their thought process in a way that they can figure out the answers themselves. This guarantees that the subject is understood to a deeper level.

After every few sessions, I give mini test, from which I can see whether the student has absorbed the previous weeks' information. If they are working towards an exam, we will undertake regular revision using past papers and replica questions. I am a result focused teacher.

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  • B.Sc Computer Science and Mathematics

    Aug 2006 - Sep 2010

    Adamawa State University


  • Professional Mathematics, ICT and Programming Tutor

    Feb 2018 - Present

    Prepclass Home Tutors

    The first thing i do is identify a student's weakest areas as quickly as possible then work systematically to improve those areas. That is why my first session with a student always involve a short diagnostic test that I use to get a sense of where they are at. After this, I then divide my sessions into learning key concepts, applying them to rigorous test questions under time pressure, and discussing and practising good examination techniques. The ultimate aim of my tutoring approach is to increase not only a student's ability but also their confidence going into a test; I have found that this plays a huge role in achieving excellent results.

  • Subject Teacher

    Sep 2015 - Jul 2016

    Integrity National High School

    I taught Mathematics and Geography to students in the senior secondary class.

  • Subject Teacher (Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics and ICT).

    Sep 2017 - Jun 2018

    Ark of the Lord Missionary School

    I taught Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics and ICT to students at the senior secondary school level. I did this with the aid of a detailed lesson plan. I prepared the students for their senior school certificate examination. I gave out assignments, periodic impromptu assessments and mock examinations to help me ascertain their level of understanding of what was taught to them during lessons and also to ascertain their level of preparedness for the examinations. I liaised with other subject teachers and the school management on how best to maximize and harness their potentials.