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My names is Oyinye, I am a graduate of Chemical Engineering from Nnamdi Azikiwe University. I have 2 years teaching experience in Mathematics and Basic Science. I have made notable educational development in my students, helping them attain greater heights in their studies.

It is a privilege to get to work with so many engaging and unique young minds. It is my job to find an approach and structure, that will best facilitate each of my students growth and development.

Mathematics is a subject that presents many challenges, so it is important to build confidence with the fundamental concept and establish an environment where the student is comfortable and feels free to ask questions and explore the subject at their own pace.

Helping a student achieve his or her full potential is something that gives me great pleasure. I understand from my own experience that every individual learns in a unique way, and once I have gotten to know a student, i utilize their ideal method of learning in order to make the best use of our time and to accelerate their understanding of the subject.

I focus on increasing a student's confidence in their own ability, which i have found is an important factor when communicating new information with the goal for long-term retention.

My enthusiasm is only paralleled by my dedication to see a student succeed, and I work together with my students to ensure they are both comfortable, and enjoying the teaching that I provide.

One of the best things about tutoring is that the nature of one-to-one lessons,which allows them to be tailored specifically to the individual student.

So I think the most important part of tutoring is building a solid relationship with the student, such that i can work out exactly what they need from the lessons, and how best to deliver it to them.

My detailed knowledge in my expert subjects, when combined with the relationship i build with the student, allows me to go into details beyond the syllabus if i can tell that the student is wanting more or needs to be pushed. But, I can also recognize when a student is struggling with a particular concept and then approach it from a new angle to help bring a better understanding.

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  • B.ENG Chemical Engineering

    Mar 2012 - Aug 2017

    Nnamdi Azikiwe University


  • Enthusiastic Mathematics and Basic Science Tutor

    Dec 2017 - Present

    Prepclass Ng Ltd

    Learning is the natural inclination of most young people. This fundamental curiosity is wonderful to watch in action, and my strategy is always to excite and stimulate the student with my energy and passion. I adore the subjects i teach, and it is the careful application of this dedication which can really foster a positive change in my students. I believe that learning should be fun, and the choice of texts and activities is crucial to inspiring a learner; if you get this right, serious learning can seem like a game and not chore.