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Being proficient at writing is essential for students’ success, both during and beyond their schooling. It is not only an integral part of their schooling but also their everyday lives.As a writing teacher, I instruct students in writing basics and provide feedback on students' creative efforts as well as conduct high school creative writing classes or writers' workshops offered through libraries or literary organizations.


I am a progressive, hardworking first class graduate of Mass Communication; I have a passion for education and a gift for nurturing young minds.

My approach to tutoring is student-driven and question-based. 'Student-driven' means that each lesson is tailored to their own needs and concerns. We tackle the topics that they find most challenging and build confidence from there. 'Question-based' means that I always keep my students engaged and on their toes. They are an active participant in the lesson and enjoy rising to the challenge.

It is imperative to set clear goals with each individual tutee and over the course of the lessons, achieve these goals in a direct and rewarding manner. The methods used to reach these set incentives will change according to the situation and needs of the student. However, there are some central principles with my approach to tutoring that do not change. I seek to inspire confidence and motivation by drawing out enthusiasms of the subject to ensure on-going interest in the lessons. I also focus on building strong and trustworthy relationships with the students which in turn make for positive and successful lessons.

It is my desire that pupils/students see education beyond the classroom thing and they understand this as a major input in their critical and problem solving skills which is required of every 21st century learner.I am resourceful and I always meet deadlines.I make sure my sessions with students are always impacting, leaving a good note about the subject always.I make sure my sessions are practical and this makes the subject easier to relate and recall also for the students.

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  • BA Mass Communication

    Sep 2010 - Aug 2014

    Benson Idahosa University


  • Oral English Instructor

    Jan 2017 - Dec 2017


    Teaching oral English to a variety of classes across different schools including other teachers.

  • English Language Teacher

    May 2015 - Nov 2016

    Government College

    Conduct an assessment with my students before I begin to plan the style of tutoring that best fits them whilst preparing for the examination 2Creating interesting lesson notes and drawing out interactive plans to carry out these lessons. 3 Created and maintained a serene and fun learning environment while also keeping the students occupied with learning enabling activities. 4. Gave out Classwork and Homework to assess the assimilation of the students while also correcting them if they err.