Patience E.

Science Tutor

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Excellent Science Teacher

My background in Sciences has enabled me to be grounded and experienced in teaching this subject. I will apply this knowledge to all of my sessions, ensuring I pass my knowledge down effectively to my student.


I am a dynamic teacher, I am highly passionate and enthusiastic about education as a whole.

I am proficient in Mathematics, English Language, Biology, Basic Science and Computer Science.

My drive and passion is not only to teach but also to impact The life of all every student I meet positively. 

I believe it is highly important I set clear goals along with the student at the beginning of every session and as we achieve it, we tick it as done. I have found that this goes a long way in affecting the child's mindset, when they realize that nothing is impossible for them to achieve.

I have also come to understand the importance of communication and bonding in the teaching profession. It is important to me as a teacher that I am able to effectively get whatever I am teaching across to my student in such a way that he/she understands it fully, it is also important to me that my students are able to communicate and relate to me without any forms of barrier at any point in time.

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  • B.Sc Anatomy

    Jan 2013 - Dec 2016

    University of Calabar


  • Subject Teacher (Mathematics, Agricultural Science and Home Economics)

    Sep 2018 - Present

    Bluebells High School

    As a subject teacher at Bluebells High School, I teach Mathematics, Agricultural Science and Home Economics to students at the junior secondary school level. All of my lessons are carried out with the aid of a detailed lesson plan. I also liaise with other subject teachers, parents and the school management on how best to harness the performance of the students.

  • Subject Teacher (Physical Health Education and Computer Science)

    Jul 2017 - Jul 2018

    Government Secondary School

    I taught Physical Health Education to students at the junior secondary school level and Computer Science to students at the senior secondary school level.