Patrick O.

Senior Secondary Economics Tutor

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Experienced Economics Tutor

Students learn more quickly and energetically if they are interested in the topic or skill that we are trying to master. Therefore when teaching Economics, i assess each student not only on their academic abilities but also their motivations and personality and adapt my lessons accordingly. This drives my students to learn during our time together and long after our lessons have finished.


My name is Patrick. I am graduate of Accountancy from the University of Lagos, and i also have a certificate in Education (Business Education).

I have seven years experience teaching Economics, Commerce and Accounting to both in Primary and Secondary schools, and i have tutored about 50 different students for WAEC, GCE, NECO, IGSCE and Cambridge examination of which they all passed excellently.

This has been made possible through the application of a dynamic and structured student based teaching-learning methodology.

I firmly believe that no subject, however daunting, is too difficult for my student. My job and favorite activity is to find that relatable example or way of looking at a topic that can unlock complex material for a learner.

Thanks to my previous experience as, i have experience doing this at all levels of Secondary school Commercial subjects.

For me, the crucial starting point when tutoring is engaging my student’s interest. One-to-one tutoring is a unique opportunity to tailor teaching to the character and needs of an individual learner.

Every student’s mind works differently, and framing a subject in a way that excites that particular young person helps them find the energy and confidence to achieve.

Once a student is engaged, my priority is pushing and expanding their understanding in line with the relevant syllabus. I design a scheme of work for each of my student that solidly structures their learning and rigorously enables them in the demands of assessments.

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  • B.Sc Accountancy

    Apr 2012 - Present

    University of Lagos

  • Business education

    Sep 2002 - Dec 2005



  • Teacher

    Sep 2014 - Present

    Golden line secondary school

    I am amongst the team of teachers that worked for the school to be government approved. WAEC and NECO approved centres. I have tutored more than 200 students for various examination.

  • Economics, Commerce and Principle of Accounting and Government Tutor

    Sep 2015 - Present

    Prepclass Ng Ltd

    I think it is vital to be able to tailor each set of lessons to the needs of the individual student. Everybody learns in a variety of ways, and as such, i am always on the look out for new techniques and ideas to help me in my teaching. That said, i am always committed to helping my students develop their confidence as i believe that if someone is to work successfully they need to firmly believe in their capacity to improve. I like to encourage a relaxed but focused working environment with a friendly and engaging style.