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My name is Paul. I am a graduate of Mathematics from the Tai Solarin University of Education.

I have four year experience teaching Mathematics,and i firmly believe that no subject, however daunting, is too difficult for my student.

My job and favorite activity is to find that relatable example or way of looking at a topic that can unlock complex material for a learner. Thanks to my previous experience as both a tutor and a classroom teacher, i have experience doing this at all levels of Primary, and Secondary School Mathematics. .

For me, the crucial starting point when tutoring is engaging my student’s interest. One-to-one tutoring is a unique opportunity to tailor teaching to the character and needs of an individual learner.

Every student’s mind works differently, and framing a subject in a way that excites that particular young person helps them find the energy and confidence to achieve academic excellence.

Once my student is engaged, my priority is pushing and expanding their understanding in line with the relevant syllabus. I design a scheme of work for each of my student that solidly structures their learning and rigorously enables them in the demands of assessments.

When my student sits down in the examination hall, they should be confident as to what the examination is asking them, and how to answer.

My attention to engagement and structured progress provides struggling students with the tools and attitude to help lift their grades, and assists well-performing students in discovering that extra flair and enjoyment that can distinguish their work at the highest level.

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  • B.Sc Mathematics

    Sep 2009 - Apr 2014

    Tai Solarin University of Education



    Dec 2015 - Jan 2016


    Coordinated, supervised, trained and monitored staff and student Created good rapport with the management, parent, staff and student. .Created and implemented new ideas for smooth running of the school. Accessed and evaluated staff and student performance. Managed school record and evaluated them for administrative and academic purposes. Liaised with Government, her agency and the society


    Aug 2014 - Jul 2015


    Taught General Mathemetics and Engineering Mathematical course.


    Jan 2016 - Aug 2017


    Coordinating, teaching and monitoring of the Boarding Students. Teaching Mathematics . Coordination of mental mathematics drill. Coordinating and monitoring of pupils.

  • Mathematics Tutor

    Jul 2016 - Present

    Prepclass Ng Ltd

    I believe one-to-one tutoring to be an incredibly important aspect of Education. Tutoring offers a great environment in which to learn & for confidence to grow, allowing my student to quickly gain a strong development in the specific subject area. For each of student, i design the tutorials to best develop their specific learning and concentration ability, with a view towards gaining context and understanding of the subject in preparation for examinations. I am an understanding, empathetic and fun tutor who is patient and able to vary the ways in which to learn, from quick memory games to thoroughly breaking down certain subjects into their component parts.