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English Grammar Tutor

Grammar refers to the style of enunciation in speaking or writing. Over the years as a language tutor, I have realized how important the issue of diction is to us as individuals. It is highly important we begin or incorporate it in the curriculum of children from an early stage so as they develop, it becomes a part of them. When they are grown and have issues with the way they speak, it can result in several issues like reduced self esteem where they begin to feel ashamed to talk among their peers because of the way they speak.

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My name is Pleasure. I am an undergraduate of the University of Lagos, currently studying Linguistics African and Asian Studies.

I have a passion for teaching English, which I may have acquired from my mum who is a teacher at Queen's college, Yaba, Lagos. I find myself coaching my little cousins and helping my friends out with school work. My long term goals includes getting my PHD in General Linguistics and being a Lecturer at the University of Lagos. 

I live in Lagos and i really hope that I'm considered as this will help nurture me for future lecturing roles. 

  • English Language Tutor
    Jun 2018 - Present

    Prepclass Home Tutor

    When teaching, i always make sure my lessons will be focused around what my students want to learn. If there is a particular area they are really struggling with we can focus on that, or we can cover lots of areas in one session as revision. We can measure how they are getting on by doing practice questions when they feel happy to do so.

  • B.Sc Linguistics and Nigerian Languages
    Oct 2017 - Present

    University of Lagos