Rilwan A.

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My name is Rilwan, I am a graduate of Chemistry from the University of Ibadan.

For the past two (2) years i have been teaching students in Junior Secondary School Biology and Chemistry.

In my years of experience i have prepared students for both internal examinations and external examinations such as IGCSE and Junior WAEC.

My responsibility as a tutor is not only to teach my students the necessary content, but also to equip them with all the necessary tools they will need to enjoy taking their learning far beyond our sessions.

I start by igniting a genuine interest in the subject. Once that interest is sparked it becomes much easier for students to motivate themselves, a skill which will help them extract as much joy as possible from all their future learning.

I also like to engage my students in conversations that take us well beyond the sometimes restrictive syllabus, because students perform the best when they are very engaged in what they are learning. Especially if they can connect their learning to things they already love, whether that’s activities, interests or hobbies. The most important aspect of my teaching, is that I develop a relationship with my students which goes beyond the teacher-students arrangement, so they can grow in confidence with the knowledge that they have a mentor to support them both academically and in personal development.

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  • B.Sc Industrial Chemistry

    Dec 2010 - Feb 2015

    University of Ibadan


  • Proficient Chemistry and Biology Tutor

    Jan 2016 - Present

    Junior Secondary School Tutor Prepclass Ng Limited

    I first of all start by setting a goal for the lessons based on the syllabus, weaknesses and strength of my students, after which i devise a method to achieve this goal based on the general interest and learning style of my students and then set a timeline to achieve this goal. After all this is done i take my students through a process of evaluation and reflection to ensure that the set goal has been achieved.