Taiwo T.

Senior Secondary School Biology Tutor

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Biology is important to everyday life because it allows humans to better understand their bodies, their resources and potential threats in the environment.

It is the study of all living things, so it helps people to understand every organism alive, from the smallest bacteria to the largest animal within our environment.

It helps in increasing production of food, combating diseases and also aids in protecting and conserving our environment. The advances in the field of Biology have resulted in high standard of living in the field of food and health.

My approach to teaching this subject is rather iterative, I constantly change the way and level of what I teach in response to feedback from the student.

I have found that this singular act makes sessions more effective and rewarding for my students.

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My name is Taiwo, I am a graduate of Chemical Engineering from the University of Lagos.

I aim to make seemingly mundane subjects personally relevant and interesting, rendering abstract concepts far more tangible. This is absolutely integral from Early Years to University education and I often find that a different way of approaching a topic, or a strong analogy is all it takes to make a difficult subject become simple and intuitive.

My approach also involves clearly establishing what each student's needs and goals are.

In practice, this usually involves an initial class in which I gauge the student's needs through conversation and a variety of tests.

From there, with patience and empathy, I will set out clear expectations for a programme of study. This programme of study is revised as the student and I progress.

Through giving years of one-on-one tutorials at various levels I have found the most important learning tool is to kindle the students own interest and love of their subject. I am passionate about Mathematics and other Science related subjects and I enjoy discovering that same passion and excitement in every of my students!

I have also realized that confidence is often vital for this, so I encourage students to realize the value of their own ideas by giving thoughtful feedback, and creating a supportive relationship.

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  • B.Sc Chemical Engineering

    Sep 2011 - Present

    University of Lagos


  • Inspection Engineer

    Sep 2014 - Feb 2015

    Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency

    I prepared visitation letters to manufacturing companies in Lagos State I reviewed construction plans for waste treatment plants I visited construction sites for waste treatment plants

  • Passionate and Enthusiastic Private Tutor

    Apr 2018 - Present

    Prepclass Home Tutors

    My method of teaching varies with each pupil I work with. However, in the first stages I believe it is essential to ascertain the immediate needs of the pupil, and discover where they think my help is most required. Once established, I encourage them to be as honest as possible throughout the teaching process by meeting them on their level, supporting an atmosphere of vocal and written exploration, and above all, inspiring them to learn and be confident in their learning. I prefer active learning rather than lecturing students, for example, getting them to teach me work they have just learnt or playing games to assist with learning strategies. I believe this helps the student's learning, and I tailor these practices to the pupil, their needs and their abilities. As a private tutor, I have taught students at various levels. I have taught Mathematics and other Science related subjects.

  • Subject Teacher (Physics)

    Jun 2017 - Mar 2018

    Umiaghwa Secondary School

    As a subject teacher at Umiaghwa Secondary School, I taught Physics to students in the senior secondary school level. I did this with the aid of a detailed lesson plan which was created in accordance with the Nigerian approved educational curriculum. I carried out periodic assessments on them to evaluate the extent to which they understood the topics taught to them.