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I have a passion for commerce and i want to help students and professionals see this seemingly difficult subject in a fun and new way! There is no need to struggle alone any longer.

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My name is Thompson, I am a graduate of Business Administration from Adekunle Ajasin University. I teach Business Studies, Economics and Commerce.

I believe in helping people simplify problems first down to the core concept before attempting them because this is how things work in the real world.

Everything is about simplifying complex problems. I believe that if a student truly understands the basic principles and why something is important, they have a much higher chance of getting close to the solution. 

As a tutor, I listen closely, offer tips when needed, and provide additional practice, if requested. I can cater my sessions to meet a variety of learning needs. I respond promptly and i am more than willing to work with students to schedule sessions that are convenient.

My experience shows that while some students find these subjects challenging , others want to learn more of it! I therefore offer a flexible, need based package tailored to meet the student's requirement.

 My teaching style/philosophy is to understand the student's perspective and challenges with the subject and then create a learning plan to bridge the gaps and facilitate learning and understanding.

When a student succeeds, and their confidence grows, it is the most rewarding feeling to know I may have played even a small part in that.

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  • B.Sc Business Administration

    Dec 2004 - Dec 2008

    Adekunle Ajasin University


  • Business Studies, Economics and Commerce Tutor

    Aug 2017 - Present

    Tutor Prepclass ng Ltd

    My approach to tutoring is tailored to the needs of the individual student. I encourage students to find their own ways to solutions, which I believe is essential to building confidence, developing style, and finding a voice in their work. My role is to help guide them there — offering tools, tricks, and strategies to make this process more efficient (reducing time) and more effective (reducing errors). My style is relaxed but rigorous.