Ugochukwu C.

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My aim is to instill a genuine interest in the subject! Once that interest is sparked it becomes much easier for students to motivate themselves, a skill which will help them extract as much joy as possible from all their future learning. I also like to engage my students in conversations that take us well beyond the sometimes restrictive syllabus.

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Levels Taught: Lower Primary, Upper Primary, Junior Secondary


Prepclass Tutor Since: March 2015

My approach is driven by the student. I believe that with a base understanding of core concepts and the self-confidence to employ them, every student is capable of academic success.

I work collaboratively with parents and pupils to produce a programme of study which is tailored to the needs of the individual student, set goals and structure the tuition.

I am passionate and enthusiastic about learning and teaching and bring this positive outlook to every lesson. I make my lessons fun and engaging, introducing core theoretical concepts and working with students to apply these to problems. I encourage my students to ask questions, try things out and think out loud.

I set homework which is then discussed the following week.

I am patient, emphatic and have a good intuitive understanding of how and why students may not understand something. This enables me to communicate complex, abstract ideas in a simple, accessible way that ‘clicks’ with the student.

I take pride in my ability to form excellent working relationships with all those that I teach and tutor.

I am able to quickly identify a student’s current level, learning style and potential barriers to success. I then design a personalized programme accordingly.

My main focus is to promote deep understanding though I am a firm believer in developing fluency by providing opportunities for lots of question practice.

I have a strong interest in educational technologies and incorporate their use where appropriate to achieve maximum progress.

I strongly believe in knowing it yourself and the ability of being confident to use an already known solution to tackle a new problem and this is what I want to foster into a child.

  • Subject Teacher
    Jan 2015 - Jan 2018

    Disbury College

    1. Handle senior students on Chemistry. 2. Handle junior students on Agricultural Science, Basic Science and Mathematics 3. Apply students’ curriculum in preparing lesson plan/note and organize practical classes where necessary in order to improve students learning and comprehensive skills. 4. Apply Microsoft office tools in setting examination questions. 5. Prepare/coordinate students for inter-school competitions, debates, quizzes etc.

  • Subject Teacher
    Jan 2013 - Jan 2015

    Onward High School

    1. Handled senior students on Biology. 2. Handled junior students on Basic Science and Mathematics. 3. Applied students’ curriculum in preparing lesson plan/note and organized practical classes where necessary in order to improve students’ comprehensive skills. 4. Applied Microsoft office tools in setting examination questions. 5. Organized extracurricular activities such as games, sports and educational clubs.

  • B.Sc Animal Science
    Nov 2006 - Nov 2011

    Michael Okpara University of Agriculture

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  • Mrs Nelson

    He is an excellent teacher

  • Mr Tomi

  • Mrs Ifaturoti

    I like Mr Chima's teaching process with my wards.

  • Mr Oddiri

    Mr Chima takes his time to break down complex topics to his students.

  • Mrs Roli