Ujunwa U.

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An experienced teacher

I ensure I am highly supportive and constructive when teaching because students tend to have a phobia for anything that has to do with calculation/figures.

I also ensure I break down topics to less complex pieces that will allow the students assimilate/understand better.

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Levels Taught: Lower Primary


My approach to tutoring is student-driven and question-based. 'Student-driven' means that each lesson is tailored to their own needs and concerns. We tackle the topics that they find most challenging and build confidence from there. 'Question-based' means that I always keep my students engaged and on their toes. They are an active participant in the lesson and enjoy rising to the challenge.

It is imperative to set clear goals with each individual tutee and over the course of the lessons, achieve these goals in a direct and rewarding manner. The methods used to reach these set incentives will change according to the situation and needs of the student. However, there are some central principles with my approach to tutoring that do not change. I seek to inspire confidence and motivation by drawing out enthusiasms of the subject to ensure on-going interest in the lessons. I also focus on building strong and trustworthy relationships with the students which in turn make for positive and successful lessons.

  • Teacher
    Feb 2017 - Present

    Priory Preparatory school

    As a teacher in Priory Preparatory school , I am ensure that learning takes place, from provision of the necessary instructional material to preparing lessons that engages the students. I also run special services for children with learning difficulty.

  • B.Sc Education And Political Science
    Nov 2010 - Jul 2014

    Imo State University