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Effective Mathematics Tutor

The single most important thing for me is developing a student's interest in mathematics. This will then pave the way to better results by making revision more effective and enjoyable. Everyone learns in a different way and I take real pleasure from working out how my student likes to process information, and adapting my teaching style to fit them. I'm also fascinated by human memory and enjoy finding new techniques to make revision more efficient, rather than standard rote learning.

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Prepclass Tutor Since: September 2015

My name is Austin, I am a graduate of Statistics from the Yaba College of Technology. I have twelve years of tutoring experience teaching Secondary School Students Mathematics, preparing them successfully for various examinations including GMAT.

During my youth service, i was able to manage 300 students by teaching mathematics with some uncoventional methods which enhanced their learning to 95%. My private classes are always full of impart and moral instruction .My students have always beat my O level results which has always been a threshold.

I am a big advocate of making sure students are equipped with all the tools to learn that will benefit them outside of our sessions , such as organisation and effective study techniques. I believe that it is really important that students learn to break problems down in a logical way so that they have the ability to tackle problems that might initially seem foreign - whether academic or in life! I spend a lot of time asking questions to make sure they truly understand the concepts and then get them to teach it back to me as a way of clarifying their understanding. I try to come up with creative ways to learn and enforce concepts that are applicable to the real world.

  • Call Center Consultant
    Jul 2014 - Present


    • Training of newly recruited consultants on the bank’s products and services. • Responsible for monitoring and maintaining quality and compliance targets. • Monitoring and reviewing of calls, emails, chat, Twitter to ensure high standards of quality.

    Mar 2012 - Feb 2013


    • Prepared lesson notes on Mathematics for junior secondary class two (JSS 2) and Senior Secondary Classes one to three (SSS 1-3) comprising of 300 students in all. • Taught the Students by using some unconventional teaching styles, through illustrations and motivational sessions, this captivated the attentions of the Students and increased interest in learning by 80%.

  • Mathematics Tutor
    Sep 2015 - Present

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    Every student is unique in his or her approach to learning. I strongly believe it is important to embrace such individuality, tailoring my own approach and teaching techniques to each student's specific needs, whilst drawing out the full potential of this uniqueness. I think that all tutees have the ability to be a very different model student - I do not think that the purpose of tutoring is to create clones. In such a way, I come to tutorials equipped with numerous methods of making requirements stipulated by the syllabus suitable, engaging and exciting for any given tutee.