Wonnah O.

Home tutor in Port Harcourt, Rivers

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I endeavor I teach the relevant curriculum in a personalized fashion, relevant to the learning needs of my students

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Levels Taught: Nursery, Lower Primary, Upper Primary


Prepclass Tutor Since: March 2017

I work closely with each child to determine the ways in which they learn best, their interests, strengths and weaknesses, and feed this back into my tutoring methods, creating a tailor-made learning experience.

My methods are, of course, also informed by a thorough understanding of assessment requirements and criteria both for school entrance examinations and public examinations. I believe that a positive and confident attitude towards the academic subject being studied can be hugely beneficial in terms of results, and I try to engender this by providing a supportive yet challenging relationship and environment for study.

I think the most important quality in any tutor is patience. My first step is to perform an assessment of the student; this, along with a comparison of the student's academic goals, forms the basis of our lesson plan. I listen closely to the family's goals in order to tailor my approach specifically to that student.

I thoroughly enjoy tutoring each of the subjects I teach, and hope that I can transmit my enthusiasm and energy to my pupils.

  • Class Teacher
    Jan 2017 - Dec 2017

    Trinity Child International School

    Worked with student in the Nursery and Primary level. Conduct an assessment with my students before I begin to plan the style of tutoring that best fits them. 2. Creating interesting lesson notes and drawing out interactive plans to carry out these lessons. 3 Created and maintained a serene and fun learning environment while also keeping the students occupied with learning enabling activities. 4. Gave out Classwork and Homework to assess the assimilation of the students while also correcting them if they err. 5.Prepare and give out exam and test questions based on the curriculum and what has being taught.

  • B.Sc Environmental Health Technology
    Aug 2011 - Jul 2015

    College of Health Science and Technology Rivers State