Yusuf I.

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Proficient Maths Tutor

I help my students understand how to solve problems effectively and help them progress.

In my experience of teaching i have found out that attentive listening are key skills that enables understanding and instill a positive work ethic in my students. I am also alert to the fact that current examination assessment objectives demand specific techniques and demonstrations of skill from candidates and therefore a coherent understanding of these specific exam techniques is crucial to securing the highest grade.

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Prepclass Tutor Since: June 2016

My name is Yusuf, i am a graduate of Electrical Engineering from the Federal College of Education.

I am an experienced Mathematics teacher with over two (2) years experience teaching students in Primary and Secondary School Mathematics.

I believe mathematics is a subject that helps us think and analyse better.

It also helps facilitate independent thinking in the sense of being certain about what is true, what can not be true and what could be true.

My teaching style engages my students and gets a full understanding of the best way to teach them.

I then plan out a timetable (plan of action), to get them up to speed with the curriculum, focusing upon the areas that need the most attention first.

My teaching is informative, relaxed and adaptable to meet my students requirements.

I use many sources and approaches that keep the student interested and engaged i.e i lift their enthusiasm for the subject, so that they then go onto enjoying studying / revising themselves.

  • Proficient Maths Tutor
    Feb 2016 - Present

    Primary and Secondary School Tutor Prepclass Ng Limited.

    My job involves getting the curriculum, the needed materials, understanding the goals of the lessons, understanding the needs of my students and helping my students to become better at understanding, solving difficult questions and applying it to real life issues.

  • B.Tech Electrical / Electronic Engineering
    Oct 2007 - Aug 2010

    Federal College of Education (Technical), Akoka, Lagos.