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Experienced Mathematics Tutor

When teaching Mathematics, i believe that understanding and motivation rarely arises in the absence of efficient relationship. As such, i aim to make seemingly mundane subjects personally relevant and interesting, rendering abstract concepts far more tangible.

This is absolutely integral from Early years to University education and i often find that a different way of approaching a topic is all it takes to make a difficult subject become simple and intuitive.

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Prepclass Tutor Since: November 2015

My name is Anne. I am a graduate of Electrical/Electronic Engineering from the University of Ibadan.

Through my four years experience teaching Mathematics, English Language, and Biology, i have come to believe one-to-one tutoring to be an incredibly important aspect of education.

Tutoring offers a great environment where my students can learn efficiently and for confidence to grow, allowing them to quickly gain a strong development in the specific subject area.

For each student, i design the tutorials to best develop their specific learning and concentration ability, with a view towards gaining context and understanding of the subjects in preparation for examinations.

I am an understanding, empathetic and fun tutor who is patient and able to vary the ways in which to learn.

Personal mentoring is the side of tutoring that i relish: it's not just about teaching information, it's about instilling a passion for the subject, and the skills for personal study.

Hard work is essential, but it should be engaging, not drudgery.

My work as a tutor is all about working with my students, to help them understand what they need most to move forwards. Whether that means targeted practice to build their skills and subject knowledge, or working to build and develop their confidence and self-belief, it's all about close focus and educational understanding.

  • Mathematics, English Language and Biology Tutor
    Jul 2015 - Present

    prepclass Ng Ltd

    I find that patience and attentive listening are key skills as a tutor in enabling understanding and instilling a positive work ethic in my students. I am also alert to the fact that current examination assessment objectives demand specific techniques and demonstrations of skill from candidates, and therefore that a coherent understanding of these specific examination techniques can be crucial to securing the highest grade.

  • B.Sc Electrical / Electronic Engineering
    Sep 2007 - Dec 2012

    University of Ibadan