Glory E.

Science Tutor

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An experience teacher

I think the most important quality in any tutor is patience. My first step is to perform an assessment of the student; this, along with a comparison of the student's academic goals, forms the basis of our lesson plan. I listen closely to the family's goals in order to tailor my approach specifically to that student.


My experience teaching across different curriculum has widened my understanding of progression in  subjects for lower grade such as Mathematics, English Language, sciences and general knowledge. Basic science, Biology and Agricultural science for higher grades. 

My present working environment have given me the opportunity to develop valuable experience, such as planning alone and team planning, and developing a wide range of assessment opportunities. I have gained skills in building effective and constructive relationships with children in difficult socio/economic conditions.  I strongly encourages children to express their ideas and suggestions as I believe it is extremely important for them to have control over their learning. It is important to create an atmosphere which encourages children to ask questions and I believe children learn best through first-hand experiences and stimulating environments, including the appropriate use of the outside environment.   At the start of each topic, I ask open-ended questions to allow me to gauge what they already know, enabling me to plan the areas of learning to be developed. I regularly evaluate lessons to analyse improvement, progress and achievement. Reflection on lesson plans and observations help to identify misconceptions and allow me to adapt my teaching strategies and plans for future lessons. As a result, I have become more aware of the importance of observation and the role it has in gaining greater understanding of children’s learning and behaviour. During lessons I ensure that my plans contain activities which cater for all learning styles. I plan my teaching to individuals’ learning needs, taking into account special needs, cultural backgrounds and emotional considerations.  I would be an asset to your child development.

As a highly motivated, skilled and enthusiastic individual, I feel that I would bring with me a positive attitude, new ideas and the enthusiasm to benefit the child. 

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  • B.Sc Education And Biology

    Jan 2009 - Apr 2014

    University of Abuja


  • Tutor

    Aug 2017 - May 2018

    Progresso Educational Center

    Tutoring Planning academic activities and timetable. Assessments of pupil needs and general evaluation

  • Teacher

    Sep 2018 - Present

    School Master Academy

    creating assessment opportunities that enhance future learning; ensuring adequate curriculum coverage for all pupils; the effective use of the teaching assistants; allowing for equal opportunities. I plan for many exciting opportunities for the children to ensure they are stimulated and interested in what they are being taught.

  • Class Teacher for Grade 5

    Sep 2016 - Aug 2017

    Louisana The Prince Academy

    Conduct an assessment with my students before I begin to plan the style of tutoring that best fits them whilst preparing for the examination 2Creating interesting lesson notes and drawing out interactive plans to carry out these lessons. 3 Created and maintained a serene and fun learning environment while also keeping the students occupied with learning enabling activities. 4. Gave out Classwork and Homework to assess the assimilation of the students while also correcting them if they err.