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Michael A.



Prepclass Tutor Since: July 2017

My name is Michael, I am a graduate of Mathematics from the Delta State University, Abraka, Delta state. For four (4) years now, i have been teaching Mathematics to both Junior and Senior Secondary School Students.

My biggest priority as a mathematics teacher is to make learning rewarding. Studying is stressful, so the point of teaching is to ease that feeling by building confidence, trust and optimism.

My take is this: it is entirely possible to be relaxed, enjoy sessions and make maximum progress all at the same time.

I like to keep my students stimulated and engaged, so i often switch between more grueling exercises and more relaxed tasks, which stretches them beyond the syllabus. Every few sessions I will set a mini test, from which I can see whether the student has absorbed the previous weeks' information. If they are working towards an exam, we will undertake regular revision using past papers and replica questions. 

I am results focused, but also believe the process of learning and widening a student's horizons in a given subject, is paramount to their education. This is most crucial for older students in the years immediately preceding their applications to University - I encourage the student to look beyond their syllabus, to deepen their knowledge of the subjects that most interest and inspire them.

  • Professional Mathematics Tutor
    Jul 2017 - Present

    Tutor Prepclass ng Ltd

    I usually begin with a preliminary assessment to better understand the student's strengths and weaknesses in a given area. This is not a gruelling task, but something fun and engaging, which allows me to better assess how the student thinks/articulates. I will also check the student has a grasp of the basic minutiae of their syllabus, particularly if working towards an entrance exam. I will then tailor a program to their needs, which I may adjust in future sessions depending on their progress.

  • B.Sc Mathematics
    Nov 2010 - Oct 2014

    Delta State University, Abraka