Moses E.

Home tutor in Eti Osa, Lagos

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I teach all varieties of sciences

I've always loved science and think every person should be able to find enjoyment in learning about the world around them. Science subjects can be tricky, and school teachers are limited in their ability to customize classes to each learner - which is where I come in! In specialized one-to-one tutor sessions I can help each student to unlock their potential and discover the sciences in a new way that is interesting to them and simpler to understand.

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Levels Taught: Upper Primary, Junior Secondary, Upper Secondary


Prepclass Tutor Since: July 2017

In my tutorials I will break down concepts that you may be struggling to understand and work through these concepts piece by piece. I will work to ensure that you have a very strong base of knowledge and skills of a subject and listening to you to find out what you personally find the most difficult.


I really enjoy finding new approaches and new ways of thinking of a problem to make sure the student not only understands the concept but remembers it and is capable of reformulating it in their own words. I always strive to be patient and listen to the thought-process the student goes through to match their approach with my explanation.