Ngozi E.

Diction Tutor

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Proficient Diction Tutor

Diction is simply put as the clarity and distinctness of pronunciation speech.

Speaking clearly improves the sound of voice, giving you a more successful vocal image.

As you speak with confidence and credibility, you make a lasting and positive impression.

A lot of individuals seem to have become complacent with their speaking voice, they do not think much about it. That is because they are so used to the way they sound, what they hear as they speak seems correct to them.

However, what they hear and what the listener hears are two different sounds.


Tutoring a child takes more than possessing the knowledge. It takes possessing a deep grounded sense of patience and dedication that can withstand a child's good days and bad days. It takes passion. 

I am very enthusiastic about teaching and I make sure to take an approach that is both structured and flexible.

I consider that making seemingly tedious topics relatable and relevant, within the context of every day life, is the key to sparking children's attentiveness. Although my overall approach varies from student to student, I believe that igniting this excitement is of paramount importance in all of my lessons.

I make sure to encourage my students to hone their skills in writing, critical reading, research, note-taking, speaking and articulation from the get-go.

Through learning how to formulate original ideas and express themselves clearly, my students are able to develop greater confidence in themselves and gain a deeper sense of autonomy and initiative towards their school work and all of their endeavors.

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  • BA English and Literary Studies

    Jan 2010 - Nov 2014

    University of Nigeria


  • Subject Teacher (English Language)

    Sep 2017 - Present

    The Lagoon School

    As a subject teacher, I teach the English language, evaluate the students, grade them and in general, improve them for the next class.