Oke O.

Mathematics Tutor

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Having worked with a great number of students over the years I have found that each of them learn and makes sense of their subjects in very particular ways. As such, I always try to match my teaching style with the learning style of my student. I have a great interest in learning strategies and understanding the myriad of ways in which pupils absorb information.


I have taught at both Primary and Secondary schools, I was able to improve the overall performance of my pupils by 80% as compared to previous year before I joined the school.

My greatest skill is my ability to understand student strengths and weaknesses and be able to teach my students with practical examples which they can relate to in real life. 

I believe it is vital that pupils gain a comprehensive understanding of how to decipher exams and the way they are marked and it is equally important for the student to feel confident, calm and capable when under exam conditions.

As an educator I am hugely enthusiastic about all my subjects and believe it is vital to create a supportive, enjoyable and productive learning environment for students.

Hence I try to be supportive and constructive when teaching, offering my students well prepared and structured sessions that are engaging, fun and productive. I work meticulously to ensure that the required skills are taught in an effective and memorable way, which will, in turn, make the student better at the subject that is being taught.

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  • B.Sc Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

    Nov 2010 - Nov 2015

    Obafemi Awolowo University

  • ND Electrical / Electronic Engineering

    Jul 2008 - Sep 2010

    Federal polytechnic,Ede


  • Mathematics Teacher

    Apr 2016 - Mar 2017

    Rivers State Community Primary School, Rivers State.

    I was the Math teacher for SS1, and my job was to prepare interesting lesson notes and implement these lessons in a creative way that will attract the attention of the students, this way they trust me and learn faster as the atmosphere is not tense and dull, but fun mind captivating.

  • Primary Class Teacher (Math, English, Sciences, Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning)

    Sep 2007 - Sep 2008

    Greenhill School, Lagos Nigeria.

    I prepared lesson notes and taught those lessons in an exhilarating manner, this captivates the students' minds and makes learning faster and more effective.