Common mistakes made by Nigerian students. Parents Should Read This!

After taking a close observation of the life of an average Nigerian student, we discovered that majority are likely going to make the mistakes highlighted below and most of them have no choice but to live with the consequences when they encounter adulthood. As Africa’s leading academic solutions provider we are concerned about the total success of every child thus we have decided to share with you some mistakes made by young students and how you can help them overcome. Some of the include:

  1. Thinking they are too young to achieve great things

Many adults are full of regrets today because one way or the other they neglected and failed to utilize the vibrancy associated with the teenage and early adulthood stage. Children thinking they are too young to live their dream are always limited by these thought. We have seen children of 14 years live their dreams and achieve great things. A child is never too young to attain greatness. Encourage your child today to pursue dreams, skills and knowledge.

  1. Thinking there is still time:

Thinking they still have all the time in the world is one of the illusions of the young aged. They tend to live life carelessly and spend time on frivolities. However by the time they transit in adulthood, they will begin to realize that they are no longer infants. It becomes obvious they have been sleeping all this years if their achievement does not measure up with their age. At this period children will wish they have done so many things as young adults which they felt they were too young to accomplish. As parents it is important you teach your child the true value of time.

  1. Not being equipped with skills to survive in the real world:

If a child is not well disciplined, he/she will likely spend the early years engaging in frivolous activities, which will prevent them from having a grasp of basic skills needed to survive in the real world. Some of them include the ability to save money for a project, empathy, understanding, ability to delay gratification, and so on.

  1. Not reading enough books:

Books will expose a child to the principles that govern the kind of success he/she desires. As Africans most of the things we were indoctrinated to believe while growing are myths, only reading and critical thinking can help flush those erroneous beliefs out of a child’s mind. Every young child is expected to have a full grasps of the principles that govern money, relationship and success generally. Parents should look out for great books that can help improve a child’s thought process, not just huge text books and Bibles.

You child can be exceptional in all areas.

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