Dear Parent; This is how to help your child get straight A’s in class [Must Read Success Nuggets]


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As a mum, you probably have 2 or 3 kids, a husband to take care of and a 9am – 5pm job (if you’re lucky) and somehow you have to make it all work. Your first priority is the kids, how do you help them get the best out of school, find time to do school work with them, look through their report sheets and motivate them to be the best?

Over 70% of mums in Lagos delegate this difficult but extremely crucial task to Prepclass home tutors and the results are phenomenal! Prepclass is Nigeria’s most reputable tutor agency, they recruit home tutors who help kids with school work. Getting a tutor is by far the most effective route to rapidly improving your child. Prepclass works with 100’s of parents in Lagos have a proven record of unbeatable results.

So what should you consider in choosing a tutor to work with?

We know you need to be super sure that your home and kids are safe that’s why we recommend Prepclass, they perform background checks on all their tutors. Their tutors provide 2 guarantors, 3 – 5 referees, ID’s, a utility bill, their bank account numbers and a photo of themselves.

Work with a highly reputable agency, this can’t be over emphasized there needs to be a company that you can hold accountable for the lesson teacher’s conduct. Different instances of kidnaps and ransom have emerged in cases where parents directly engaged caregiver without a company’s involvement. If it won’t cost you more money to involve an agency and still get what you want then ask yourself… why shouldn’t you?

Selection criteria:
Most parents rely on a friend’s recommendation and a 10 minutes conversation with the lesson teacher before employing them but are you reasonably certain that they can deliver? Working with Prepclass puts you at ease; they hire the best tutors in Lagos, the tutors go through four stages of interviews and they only send them to you if they pass all the stage of their interview process, you also get to meet the tutor and interview them yourself.
How much does it cost?

Typically the prices fall around N40,000 – N60,000 per month but may be higher or lower, when a client requests a tutor they are scheduled to meet with a Prepclass admin staff, during this meeting the staff provides advice and support on what package would best suit the parents purpose and budget for the tutoring.

How do I reach Prepclass:

Simply call 01-2913970 Or fill out the Prepclass form here and we would call you.

Contact us now and you can get a tutor within 3 business days.