Dear parents, your child could have done better in the just concluded exams…


Nothing is more painful for a parent than seeing their child come home from an exam with a look of defeat, knowing that the exam was a disaster. Or when your kid brings back his report card and doesn’t have the pride to show you the results of the term’s work. Another term just ended, could your child have done better?

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There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure – Colin Powell

When you go through your children’s reports the questions that should be on your mind are, could your child have done better? What would be required for your child to do better? If you need the help of an expert to help your child reach his full potential or perhaps transcend his potential, would you invest in getting such an expert?

Without denying the fact that children need time to play there is a great need for consistency in their learning especially if you want them to be distinguished among their peers.

Holidays are awesome for kids to rest and relax, but for the ones who are performing below their own potential, it is certainly the time to have them catch up and exceed all expectations. There is nothing wrong in teaching kids the importance of consistency in hard work while letting them enjoy breaks and fun time daily instead of across a long period

Well how do you do this??

Get your child to learn in the comfort of your home with a professional and well-grounded Prepclass tutor.  

Prepclass is the most reputable education services outfit in Lagos. We assign our experienced tutors to homes based on the needs of the child and the results the parent wants to achieve.

This holiday, Prepclass is engaging kids in exciting classes. We have home tutors for English, home tutors for mathematics, home tutors for general academics studies, home tutors for computer / ICT training. We also have home tutors for music lessons and languages.

Our tutors give your child 100% attention that which is not obtainable in schools, they quickly identify and address topics your child is yet to master and even serve as mentor in those particular fields. Also since the tutor only comes a few hours a day (morning, afternoon or early evening) so your child still has a lot of time to play, relax and be happy.

If you are a parent looking to engage your child during this holiday, we will assign one of our specially trained tutors to teach your children. Prepclass provides guaranteed security for your child and your home, guaranteed satisfaction, and monthly reports to help you track your child’s progress.

You can reach us in our very accessible office at 3rd floor 315 herbert macaulay way, sabo Yaba lagos. Call us on 01-2913970 or send a WhatsApp message to 08187878509. We can also be reached on our social media platforms, twitter and facebook. Be sure to get rapid response once you do.

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