Every child can excel academically in school, but sometimes they struggle with bad grades which do not reveal the child’s true capacity for learning.

Parents who want to help their children to succeed in school must get involved in their lives, the child might be facing social issues or even issues at home. Issues which include trouble paying attention in class, laziness, problems grasping what is taught, no matter the challenge, there are ways you can help your child excel in school;

  1. Encourage your child; always make them know they can excel and have very good grades. Help your child set goals and meet them, this will make them more confident in their ability to achieve good grades.
  2. Limit distractions; various things compete for your child’s attention – video games, computers, television and others distract children from doing their homework.   “Television encourages children to be passive recipients of information” says Robert Needlman, a developmental and behavioural paediatrician at Metro Health medical centre in Cleveland.  These distractions should be limited at least on school nights.
  3. Create a routine at home; this will help your child get used to their daily activities, knowing what time to wake up, when to eat, when to study and when to sleep.
  4. Build a relationship with your children’s teachers; always communicate with their teachers. This will encourage the teachers to put in extra effort in teaching your children and helping them excel in school.
  5. Get a home tutor; Tutors help in improving children’s grades and help to better understand what they have been taught in school and also prepare them ahead of their next class. If you are having difficulties getting a professional home tutor in Lagos, or you want the best possible tutor in Lagos. Simply request for one
  6. Reward positive performance, this motivates them and makes them do better.

Be optimistic and don’t place too much pressure on your child to succeed. Let them know that you have faith in their abilities and you’re there to help every step of the way. This will help improve your child’s grade in school.