How professional home tutoring makes a huge difference


Prepclass home tutors

Home Tutors can provide a source of academic support to your child, maintain an overview of their tutees’ academic progress/development and provide regular one-to-one feedback and guidance.

Home tutoring system provides your child with a supportive mentor; someone whom they get to know and who maintains regular contact with them, who is accessible and to whom they can turn for support in times of trouble. A good relationship between personal tutors and their tutees encourages students to talk about both achievements and any difficulties they are experiencing.

Home tutors guide, encourage and support their tutee in developing independent learning skills enabling them to complete set tasks in the negotiated time.

Home tutors are aware of the different needs of their students, recognise the signs of potential problems and identify the most appropriate support for them. They understand the responsibilities of students in the process and communicate them effective, they can also be a responsible person that your child can confide in and provide support and encouragement where appropriate and help find the right ways to resolve problems.

Home tutors help to develop your child’s study skills by advising them  on drawing up study plans, learning strategies, time management, note taking in lectures, how to research a topic and write reports.

If Personal Tutors do not feel qualified to advice on a particular problem, they direct the student to an appropriate source of support.

With the help of a home tutor your child will excel in school and be ahead in class.

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