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Prepclass is an edutech company that helps learners easily hire the services of qualified tutors.

About Prepclass Learner Tutor Upliftment

Prepclass LTU is a social initiative aimed at improving the welfare of tutors as well as the learners' outcome. Prepclass LTU is committed to expanding enabling 100 million people by 2030 through developing job skills, improving educational outcomes, and providing opportunities for individuals from under-represented and marginalized groups around Nigeria to realize success.

Services We Offer

Tutor Training

We train tutors using the best pedagogic approach to learning. Prepclass tutors are equipped and trained with the right entrepreneurial mindset to set up classes with learners and charge them a desirable charge. Prepclass tutors are trained on soft, social, and subject mastery skills.

Tutor Placement

Prepclass tutors are placed with local and foreign edtech companies or education institutions after rigorous training. Other tutors are also given access to our huge plethora of jobs on the prepclass platform.

Teen Code

Teen code is a social prepclass initiative aimed at teaching teenagers the fundamental basics of software and web development. In partnership with Educode, teen code teaches computer science with the use of animated videos and interactive exercises.

Language Adult Learning

Adult language learning is another prepclass social initiative aimed at teaching adults English language for free. This initiative prepares adults intending to join our IELTS class for free.

Often Asked Questions

Q: How does a teacher benefit from the above mentioned initiative?

A: Teachers or tutors interested in benefiting from the above initiatives should apply to be a Prepclass tutor by clicking here

Q: How can I sign up for adult language learning?

A: Learners interested in benefiting from our free language learning can also click here.

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Prepclass is an edtech (educational technology) company that focuses on connecting potential learners with skilled tutors. Our interest is to break from the norm of formal education by providing tutors for basically anything a client may wish to learn. From English language and grammar structuring to phonetics, sounds and pronunciation, learners from the age of 4 can be easily signed up by their parents or wards online for sessions that will take place physically at the child/learner/tuteeā€™s comfortable home and time. Read more