Female Home Tutor Needed at Abeokuta South, Ogun State Unverified Job Starter Job

Posted: Wed, Feb 5, 2020 11:54 AM

Starter Job - Less than 3 years of teaching experience, Test scores 60%-64% and great tutor profile.

Intended Start Date
Job Status

Lesson Remark

Learner 1
Wants to prepare for Jamb Exam and learn to speak fluent Ennglish Langauge
Days and Time

Location Information
LGA : Abeokuta South
Lesson Details

Student Information

  • Jamb Maths Tutor
  • Jamb English Language Tutor

Lesson Information

Earning: ₦15,050
Total No of Classes: 4 Classes
Duration of Class: 4 Weeks
Preferred Tutor Gender: Female
Cycle Length: Unavailable Week
Venue: Client's Location
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